Friday, January 11, 2008

An alarming number of americans are idiots!

I just thought I'd add to the clamor. Look, you know why people are tired of all of the news about the primaries? You know why we all get this unsettled feeling when we think over our choices. It's because deep down, deep below our desire to fit in, below our desire to get this one right by god, below our desire to look smart, we know, deep down that they are all full of shit.

I can't believe the number of people on my myspace friends who think Ron Paul is interesting. Actually I'm not that surprised, distressed is more like it. Who told you people it was OK to have opinions anyway. Don't you think you ought to read at least one book on politics that isn't a beginners guide from cover to cover first. I mean come on. Haven't you ever read Anne Rand?Jesus! How about Mussolini? Or Jesus for Christs sake!

Ron Paul is a Libertarian Capitalist eg. his vision for the future is like an Ghost in the Shell, or Akira, do you want to live in Ghost in a Shell. Or like V for Vendetta before shit starts blowing up. Did you listen to a word the man said. Never mind the stuff about a media cover up. Try New Orleans if you want a cover up. How about all of those poor people who were displacesd by the Hurricane having their neighborhoods given away to middle class white folks. There's you illegal settlement. 

How about the media blackout on Mike Gravel? How about the announcement that he had dropped out of the race?

Ron Paul is a corporatist period. In the Mussolini sense, he thinks corporations should be free to rule and that well armed individuals should rome the planet. In other words, no way in hell will his vision ever see the light of day. As if there were any way to distinguish between corporations and the government of this country other than that we still get to vote a little bit in a very controlled environment.

Oh yeah that brings me to the next point; the environment. I guess these moneyed individuals will find it in their hearts to slow global climate change. That'd be great, unfortunately that's all we'll ever have to hope for no matter who wins the presidency.

That's why I'll tell you like I told a friend of mine;

"With so many crazy lying nutjobs spouting rhetoric, I mean, really, all bets are off. We just blindly make through history and hope we don't have to live through genocide, environmental meltdown, or nuclear war. That's what we're trying to avoid, appocolipse right? I'd say middle of the road politicians who lean towards pacifism a little bit but not too much are a pretty safe bet right?

I guess having a reliable income really can calm a person down. Fuck it! Vote Ron Paul and when society collapses we can form the commune, as long as I can still be a Landscaper and there is plenty of Beer."