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Green Roof Greece Slows to a Schreeching Halt

Has it been almost a month already? Time flies when you're researching I suppose.

Highlights from the past few weeks:

The project to start a green roof movement here in Greece is taking an extreme and unfortunate turn of events. That is, I simply lack the language ability, organizational support and financial ability to pursue, at this time, the project. This is unfortunate, especially as temperatures climbing into the upper 30s today and the rest of this week only illustrate the need for these innovations in greece.

Lessons learned from this little endeavor against the powers that be – administrative and organizational red-tape:

1) Keep talking to people – even if there’s nothing to talk about

2) Just because you know it’s a great idea, and would improve the world, doesn’t mean anyone necessarily cares – adjust message accordinlgy

3) Money is important for success.

Not that I thought any real progress would be made in the near future, however, none-the-less, it remains disappointing that something so easy, so simple, and so rewarding will only be initiated when someone with enough clout and money gets behind it. Until then, Athens will remain behind the times instead of at the forefront of EU environmental movements. I will be attempting to re-negotiate a plan soon, so perhaps within the next 3-4 months or so I will see some progress.