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EMAS in Greece: Spain and Italy Leaving Their Sibling Rival Behind?

Greece is getting clobbered in the game of environmental action even in its own house. Data reveals that Greece ranks the worst, asides from Malta that is, of those Mediterranean EU states which have EMAS registered organizations.

EMAS is an environmental action scheme which requires registered Companies and Organizations to implement environmental protection guidelines and procedures in return for a nice little badge that lets everyone know who's listening to consumers and who isn't when it comes to green karma.

In essence, it's an effective way to encourage healthier industry without mandating change from the top down. Organizations take on the measures to boost their public image, and/or actually help the environment while cutting costs with sustainable practices.

If you want to see exactly which organizations in Greece are part of the program, click here for a pdf of listed organizations.

(disclaimer: this is not to imply the totality of efforts to help the environment by Greece or other countries, it is only one measure of one initiative to help the environment, however, it remains telling)