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ABC Stores Privatized - Getting Rid of State Control of Liquor

Below is the latest from NC Spin Online:

Should we abolish ABC stores?

Posted: Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Some 500 members of local ABC boards met at the Grove Park Inn in July and were wined (literally) and dined by liquor brokers and other vendors.

News coverage of the event raised questions about whether or not the free golf games, free drinks, food, and hospitality were legal in light of the laws passed last year regarding lobbying and conflicts of interest. First blush is that the ABC boards used poor judgment in allowing this practice, albeit a longstanding one, to continue.

But the story raises a more serious question as to whether or not this state should eliminate the government operated stores. This system was established when North Carolina allowed only brown-bagging, not the current liquor by the drink. It is probable that the state would generate more revenues by licensing retail stores.

If this happened we could expect much opposition from those saying that there would be a liquor store on every corner and we would be encouraging people to drink more. Right. Like they don't already do it.

Bring on the debate. We think it is time to privatize the sale of liquor. With strong controls that include STIFF fines for violators and effective enforcement we would raise revenues for our state and get the government out of a business in which we shouldn't be involved to begin with.
Tom Campbell

Why? I mean....why? There's nothing broke with the system we have. I have never heard one person complain about the State of North Carolina having a monopoly on liquor sales. As far as I'm concerned actually, I prefer to know where to go for my Bombay and Wild Turkey. I don't think lawmakers should be spending their time with this issue when there are better things to concern oneself with, such as the lack of adequate public transportation in North Carolina, or bike lanes, or health care options, or any of the many other things they could fix first....things that actually need fixing.

Secondly, what's up with the statement :
If this happened we could expect much opposition from those saying that there would be a liquor store on every corner and we would be encouraging people to drink more. Right. Like they don't already do it.
Who is 'they' actually, Mr. Campbell? I'd like to know who 'they' are who are implied drunkards already...care to elaborate?


I disagree wholeheartedly. The state has no compelling reason to be in the alcohol business besides the revenue that it generates, and as the original story notes, private sales would probably generate MORE revenue. The competition would also bring prices down for the consumer - for example, I can buy that 1.75L bottle of Bombay Sapphire for $32 here in California, a savings of $13 versus NC prices. Is it any wonder that the liquor distributors want this system to continue? I also have many more brand choices here than I did in NC.

On top of that, the state has no business telling me what I can buy and when I can buy it. The ABC law is nothing more than a holdover from a bygone era that has persisted because the liquor industry has deep pockets, as the original article suggests.

Get rid of the ABC!

I would also like to point out that as a Restaurant owner in this State, I get to pay an extra $4-$9 dollars more per bottle,then if I walked in on my own. To add insult to injury I also have to go to the store and pick it up too no delivery.

Wow! Maybe you're right. De-regulation and the free market always solve everything-especially when it comes to protecting the public...oh, wait,we need a $700 billion dollar bail out for wall street and see that self-governing and no control is a farce...as is your case, anon.

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