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Robin Hood: Trading Tax Cuts for Vacations

Recent fun site # 2
National Priorities Project

This is what they gave me when I asked for the trade-offs for North Carolinians for the tax cuts to the rich:

$56.5 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% this year could be spent on the people of North Carolina instead. If that money were used to support state and local programs, the residents of North Carolina could have $1.6 billion, which could provide:
324,849 People with Health Care

33,469 Elementary School Teachers

212,100 Head Start Places for Children

723,386 Children with Health Care

14,883 Affordable Housing Units

33,469 Elementary School Teachers

340,910 Scholarships for University Students

30,381 Music and Arts Teachers

41,371 Public Safety Officers

1,247,614 Homes with Renewable Electricity

22,920 Port Container Inspectors


give every person in the state a one week vacation in Brazil. First everyone would need passports of course.


We buy some small island and designate it as part of NC. Just a suggestion


my alternatives are about as meaningful to the poor as giving the rich -more- money.