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Intelligent Design in Raleigh - Sustainable Development in the State Capital

WRAL reports on how, in the middle of a dry spell, North Carolina's capital buildings are staying wet. The August 22nd story covers how the Legislative building in downtown Raleigh utilizes a capture and re-use water system to irrigate vegetation and other improvements by channeling rainwater into holding tanks for later use, saving millions of gallons of water and reducing the pressure on area water resources.
“We’re able to capture or use about 3 million gallons of water,”
And lawmakers aren't the only one's using the system:
At the new Heritage Middle School in Wake Forest, rain water is collected, then piped into the school's toilets for flushing. North Guilford Middle School, Millbrook Elementary in Raleigh and Montessori Community School in Chapel Hill are some other schools in the area that use the storm-water system.
Encouraging signs for Raleigh, and it should go further. As the city grows (and hopefully upwards and not outwards), there should be more urban landscape improvements such as GreenRoofs, GreenWalls, and integrated ecosystem architecture. Referring back to the ethos of urbanism instead of urbanisation.


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