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EnvironmentNC - The Green Movement's Mischevious Little Step-child

What better gift for returning to the NC Blogosphere than to see that political mis & dis are alive and well in the triangle. Today's winner?????? EnvironmentNC

Now here is a group of guys whose stewardship of anything, especially the environment, should be praised with fields of roses! ...or maybe just blunt verbal abuses...

Here's my favorite thus far, and it's the first one I read:

"Not widely reported is this windmill “malfunction” in Oregon which killed one and injured a second person. I guess birds aren’t the only living beings in danger from these things. On a per BTU generated basis I am willing to bet that wind mills turn out to be more dangerous than coal mines."

Windmills are more dangerous than coalmines? Eh....ok. Why not? I mean seriously, remember all those stories about windmill farms collapsing on a team of poor workers in West Virginia? No? I wonder why not. Luckily, EnvironmentNC already has a renowned lobbyist on their side:

That was EnvironmentNC's Roy Cordato, also of the John Locke Foundation - a bastion of progressive social movement, or as Wikipedia cites:
"The John Locke Foundation is a free market think tank in North Carolina started in 1990. The organization advocates lowering taxes, decreasing spending on social support programs, and encouraging free markets. John Hood is its current president. The Foundation is concerned primarily with state and local issues. The greater part of its funding comes from North Carolina conservative grantmaking foundations, some led by Republican party activists."
Ah yes, Republicans....faithful stewarts of the environment and social cohesion. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I feel safer knowing that the fate of the environment is being pursued by free-market nutjobs who think the way to help poverty is to reduce the help redistributed from the wealthier to the poorer, as taxation is intended, atleast in part, to do.

Now I know, this is a little unfair. Maybe they do have a valid points, asides from scaring the average schoolchild away from windmills in favor of -coalmines-....obviously well-meaning gentlemen. I have to say my hero is Michael Sanera, whom the Center for Media & Democracy (a non-profit, non-partisan organization devoted to supporting free and open media) describes as follows:

" His (Mr. Sanera's) task, clearly, is to punch holes in environmental education, by claiming that it frightens children with doomsday scenarios (He is author of the book, with Jane Shaw, "Facts not Fear"), that it is not scientific, that it does not take sufficient consideration of economics, and that it does not cover all competing viewpoints ..... industrial/economic views primarily. Such issues as forest management, and endangered species he contends would be better served by the private sector than government. "
See, their looking out for the children! These guys are great!

Now these folks are posting about 2-3 blogs per day and have an average readership of 38 visits per day (according to their own sitemeter), so someone out there is reading...and this sort of scares me....just a 'ittle bit.

To Mr. Sanera's credit, most of his posts are 1 part brief insinuation and 9 parts someone else's story. I look forward to becoming good friends.


I haven't followed your blog before and may not, based on your posting about EnvironmentNC. The folks at whom you throw your invective have remarkable academic and policy credits and have deep and well respected lists of research publication. Their voices are reasoned and sensible. There is room for that on environmental issues. I welcome them to the community.


Dear Hardlook:

Thank you for your views, in all seriousness. I don't believe I have in any way, or at the very least not intentionally, disputed their intellectual ability, only their intentions. If I have, then I apolgize for any afront.

I acknowledge that those mentioned, and those who work with them, are in fact well garnished with academic and professional qualifications.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ah. David Schnare! Admin, I think you're making friends fast.


I'm not exactly clear what you're talking about...but i'll take your word for it.


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